Wondering what we do at Dinal? It’s simple: we make dining halal a breeze for everyone.

Created by blending dine & halal: Dinal. Dinal is an online directory that features halal restaurants. It’s the ideal platform for anyone looking for the right mix of halal places and good cuisine in your neighbourhood, while on vacation or visiting an unfamiliar place.

The process is easy: just type your location and let Dinal do the hard work for you, browse through the different options, pick your favorite and rate it. The platform allows you to easily find the best halal restaurants nearby and get additional information such as ratings, type of cuisine, halal options, and even details such as whether or not the restaurant serves alcohol, only serves halal meat or has a halal certificate. In short, Dinal connects you with great halal restaurants at lightning speed.

We personally contacted all restaurant owners of restaurants on this site. It is always advised to check halal services before ordering.


Our story

Confronted with the lack of good options to explore new halal restaurants, we decided to create a platform that specialised in doing just that. Why? Because we personally didn’t like the hassle to find good halal restaurants when we were visiting new cities.

We went on to personally contact restaurant owners, brainstorm a brand name and get the platform built. Slowly, Dinal started to gain shape and, fast-forward to today, it saves you time just when you are in a rush to find the best places to eat halal.


Mission & vision

Dinal is on a mission to bridge the gap between you and great halal restaurants. Looking ahead, we want to continue to fine-tune our platform and increase the number of locations and restaurants we cover.

Also, we wanted people to feel comfortable about the way we define halal. We noticed that some people are okay with restaurants showing no halal certificate, serving alcohol and serving only halal chicken. Others strictly visit halal restaurants when a restaurant serves no alcohol, are able to show a halal certificate and when every meat served is halal. That’s why we added filters to this site to give everybody a own way of finding their halal restaurant.

We aim to become your go-to source to find the best halal restaurants and great cuisine.

Suggestions or questions?

Feel free to contact us on info@dinal.online.




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