What do the icons mean?

We added icons to easily show you what the restaurant has to offer. The example image tells you that this restaurant only serves halal meat, does not serve alcohol and has a halal certificate available in the restaurant.

The icon with the halal sign tells you that every meat served is exclusively halal meat. If the icon is not shown, it will tell you that the restaurant partly serves halal meat. For example: only the chicken and lamb are halal. Please ask the restaurant owner which dishes contain halal meat and which don’t.

An icon with a wineglass and a line shows that the restaurant serves no alcohol. If the icon is not shown, it means the restaurant does serve alcohol r uses alcohol in their dishes.

The certificate icon tells you if the restaurant owner has a certificate in the restaurant or show you the meat comes from an halal butcher. If the icon is not shown, it does not mean that the restaurant is not halal. All restaurant featured on Dinal comfirmed to serve halal meat. Most restaurant buy their meat from halal butchers, but don’t have a certificate available. We added this icon because we noticed that some people value the presence of a halal certificate.


How do you define “halal”?

We include a restaurant on Dinal.online if they claim to serve at least one dish with meat that has been intentionally slaughtered using halal guidelines. Because there is no universally agreed-upon definition of halal, we depend on our users to verify the claim or report through Dinal.online exactly what the establishment considers to be halal. For example, we ask the restaurant owner if they serve halal meat. If they answers yes, the restaurant will be featured on Dinal. We also ask if all dishes containing meat are all halal, if the restaurant serves alcohol and if the restaurant has a halal certificate available.

If a restaurant claims to be halal we show that information on our site so that our readers can make up their own mind whether or not they feel comfortable with that restaurant.


Can Dinal verify whether or not a restaurant is halal?

While Dinal makes every effort to verify claims of halal authenticity directly with halal restaurants, we have limited resources to investigate in person, and there is no single company, authority, or government that can enforce halal standards worldwide. As such, we have to balance the claims of restaurant owners (who allege defamation and loss of business when halal claims are challenged) and the views of users who feel that restaurants are not sufficiently “halal” for their liking.


Questions or suggestions? Let us know: info@dinal.online